Amundson SUP

$ 999.95

The Source line is the result of our quest to make a board for everyone on the beach, so they can succeed on their first day on the water, and then come back for more. By going wider, stability is increased a lot. Adding extra volume helps float even our biggest paddlers. The deck pad goes all the way to the nose, so you can take your kids or dogs along for a ride. There are multiple deck inserts for attaching tackle boxes and coolers, so you can do a little fishing. But most importantly, these boards simply paddle like a dream. You would never think they are so big, as they accelerate quickly and glide nicely. They can even handle mellow surf.

The Source 11’10” is 33” wide with 217 liters of volume. This makes it the most stable board in the universe. Novice paddlers up to 300 pounds can succeed on day one, when smaller boards feel like potato chips. This is the fishing board in our line-up, so it is fitted with deck inserts for coolers and tackles boxes on the nose and tail. The 11’10” is also great for tandem cruising. The Rhino-Lite™ construction makes this a bomb-proof board for the daily use and abuse it will get when sharing with all your friends.

So if you are looking for the most stable boards on the water, then the Source is your answer. This makes them a perfect choice for larger paddlers, or families looking for a board to share with everyone. Take one to the beach today, and get everyone on board.

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11'0" x 33" x 4.85"
(335cm x 84cm x 12.3cm)
217 liters, 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Recommended paddler weight:
230 lbs. Novice, 270 lbs. Advanced

Technology: Rhino-Lite™
$1,299.95 USD

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