Outfitter Program

In addition to being one of Central Florida's premier paddle sports retailers, Evolution Outdoors is also one of the largest Outfitter distributors in Florida. At Evolution Outdoors, we offer unique outfitter programs designed to cater to the individualized needs of each and every one of our partners. Through our outfitter program, we strive to work with all of our partners to develop relationships which allow our outfitters to successfully grow and develop their businesses. We offer programs for our kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and many of our paddle sports accessories.
Who qualifies for the outfitter program?
Our outfitter program is available to traditional outfitters, as well as schools and universities, government agencies and departments, and resort rental programs. If you are a specialized program or business and are not sure if you qualify for the program please feel free to contact us at sales@evolution-outdoors.com
Outfitter Buy-Back and Trade program
In an effort to help our partners efficiently grow and manage their businesses, Evolution Outdoors is now offering a buy-back and Trade program. With this program we are able to help our partners cycle out existing fleets and replace them with new, updated models to ensure that they have the tools and equipment necessary to provide their customers with the greatest experience.
At Evolution Outdoors we are more than happy to discuss opportunities to assist you with the growth of your business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our programs at any time.
Email: Sales@evolution-outdoors.com
Phone: 407-848-0503