Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 2016

Jackson Kayak

$ 899.00

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2017 Jackson Kayak Cruise 12

Designed to be paddler friendly for multi-purpose use, the Cruise 12 is a great option for anyone simply looking to get out on the water. With outstanding comfort and ease of access thanks to the unique Hi-Lo elite seat, you’ll want to stay on the water all day! Deck storage space along with a large sealed front hatch and day hatch make it so you can take everything you might need for a picnic, day outing, or even an overnighter. Interested in fishing…. with multiple Ram mount attachment points, adding rod holders takes only minutes. Whatever your hopes may be with paddling, this boat works as a great starting point, and can grow to accommodate your needs.


  • Length 12'3"
  • Width 31'5"
  • MSRP $999.00
  • Weight 63 lbs (69 lbs w/seat)

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